Carpet Source of Winter Park products are installed by our own team of certified craftsmen highly trained in the CSOWP approach. Installations include but are not limited to made-to-fit stair runners, custom broadloom carpeting, area rugs, and wood flooring in homes, commercial settings and yachts. CSOWP understands the most beautiful product “poorly installed looses all luster and aesthetic strength”. Among our great assets at CSOWP are our in-house Installation Services and our geographic reach, with experience on projects throughout the world.

Project Management

Regardless of project location, CSOWP project management services include the initial consultation, procuring physical field measurements, generating templates for custom-made carpets, and providing effective contractor support.

Rug Cleaning

CSOWP teams with Qualified Rug Restoration experts to clean and service our rugs. This service is available to CSOWP clients regardless of where they made their purchase.

Rug Restoration

CSOWP transforms heavily worn antique rugs, restoring them to their original beauty and luster. CSOWP engages master weavers from around the globe to fix anything from small problems to heavy wear or damage.


From simple edge finishing to complex hand-sewn construction, CSOWP offers designers a wide range of custom options for broadloom rugs and stair runners.

World Wide Service

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, CSOWP will provide Installation, project management, rug cleaning, rug restoration, fabrication and delivery. From Florida to California, from the Caribbean Islands to South and Central America, from Europe to the Far East, CSOWP services our clients throughout the world.


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