Area Rugs – Dry Stains

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For Dry Stains:

1. Apply a mist of the Capture® pre-spray to the area followed up by a liberal application of the Capture® cleaning powder.

NOTE: There is where you must be careful when using the brush, go very light or you will change the appearance pile. Use hand(s) to work the powder into delicate carpets.

2. Allow for the powder to air dry and vacuum. Depending on how wet the carpet is, it may be ready to vacuum in an hour or you might have until wait over night.

NOTE: Try not to vacuum to soon or the stain will not be completely absorbed, the powder can be left for days with no harm. The beauty of the Capture® product is the ability of the powder to actually absorb the stain once it is dry. The liquid becomes “locked” into the powder.
Remember to always test an inconspicuous area.

Please feel free to call CSOWP at 407.539.2982 with any of your carpet or area rug care questions.

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