Ode to the “Rock star of Rugs”…The Mighty Oriental

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Oriental Rugs have long been considered the “royalty of rugs.” In ancient times they were merely crafted for royal families and men of great power and wealth. “The term Oriental rug is a generic term for all handmade rugs in the Orient, and that includes anything from Turkey to China. After that, you can subcategorize by regions, which will start defining constructions and values. Keep in mind a true Oriental rug is handmade, while Oriental-style rugs are mass produced” -Vincent Taccetta of CSOWP. True Oriental rugs have become more than a floor embellishment but an investment in a piece of art.

Carpet Source offers a range of both, from an elevated personal service provided to connect designers for the very high-end collectors to more affordable transitional and contemporary style options for the client looking to achieve this look on a more modest budget.

Over the past few decades we have seen these rugs used in more non-traditional setting in western culture in our entertainment layered up on stage with rock musicians and a microphone, to cult classic movies such as The Big Lebowski, and yes “they really do tie the room together”.

The use of the Oriental Rug in movies and pop culture could partially explain how the iconic symbol of class & wealth has found a new younger audience. Oriental-style rugs are incorporated within a wide range of interior decor styles that cross over and are especially appealing to a younger generation. The young executive’s masculine office, the loft -style minimalist, and the eclectic artist are all fans of the rug’s design. Whatever your personality is, the Oriental rug adds an element of warmth and class we can help you find in variety of colors, patterns and price levels to achieve this look.



CSOWP product images by Eric Cucciaioni

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