Timeless Elegance

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This classically traditional rug provides the perfect backdrop for a rustic yet elegant space. With it’s Old World pattern and rich colors, it lends itself beautifully to European inspired décor.




1. Rug: Tufenkian Shakti Cloister Applewood Area Rug
2. Corbel: Dennis & Lean A.K. Corbel
3. Chandelier: Dessin Fournir Brandt Hall Lantern
4. Cocktail Table: Formations Gabrielle Coffee Table
5. Drink Table: Dennis & Lean 2nd Century Capital Table
6. Accent Chair: Ironies Tule Chair & Ottoman
7. Sofa: Bernhardt Albion Sofa

Celebrate Italian Style!

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La Vita è Bella

At Carpet Source of Winter Park, we have a lot to celebrate. This month marks our 10 year anniversary! As a family owned and operated company, we’ve had the pleasure to watch both business and family grow alongside one another, and it really doesn’t get better than that!

We are very proud to have our installations showcased in some of the finest homes and commercial properties in the United States, Central America and Europe. And with our newly remodeled and expanded showroom we look forward to continuing to grow with and serve the Central Florida design community in new and exciting ways in the future (stay tuned!).

We will be commemorating this important milestone in the fall and are looking forward to kicking our heels up with our friends and colleagues who have made this all possible. But for today, we’d just like to share with your one way to celebrate all that’s good in life… Italian style!


By M. Weinert (privat) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



1 part Prosecco — sweet Italian sparkling wine

1 part orange juice

1 part pomogranite juice

Combined chilled ingredients in a pitcher and serve in champagne flutes, garnish with mint and serve (in Tuscany if at all possible)



Winter Inspiration: Alpine Lodge

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Winter is upon us, which is something us Floridians need to be reminded about since it can be hard to distinguish the seasons here. Winter is often short and sweet, a few changes in decor can help achieve an Alpine lodge look and still incorporate elements from the Summer coastal vibe. Warm raw Textures and layering are key for the the Alpine lodge effect, a similar base for Florida coastal design. The flooring is your base; raw/natural look Hardwood flooring paired with layered Cowhide, Navajo print area rugs, and cream  upholstered furniture create a base for swapping out table accessories for an easy transition. Swap out the coral,glass and shell for more warmer accessories such as horn, iron, faux fur and hammered metals. Viola! Now cozy up by the fire with a good book. Call us today and see our entire selection of versatile cowhide rugs and layering options.











In “Lou” of all the Commotion

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Its only days away from our big event this Thursday, “The Preservation of Passion” featuring fab textile designer Lori Weitzner, co-hosted by Christopher Freiner of Donghia, Inc. Our showroom has gone through a major expansion. Below are a couple snapshots documenting the process.

To coincide with all the exciting commotion and certainly not to be overlooked,  this event + new expansion is also kicking off our 10 Year Anniversary. We are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting new ones. We can’t say THANK YOU enough to our amazing loyal clients! What a great way to kick off another 10 years. All this preparation means one tired CSOWP president, Mr. Louis Tarantino. reddit ask Lou is passionate about his business and always thinking of new ways for enhancing the entire Carpet Source experience for his clients, team and partners. This is just the beginning! 2013 is going to be a beautifully designed year.

Fall Flooring Trends

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Fall is officially here and with the change of the outdoors comes a change of interiors. Some exciting updates are happening at the CSOWP showroom include the expansion (which is near completion), a new fall-themed front entry is alway underway by designer Shannan Puschmann Goforth of  YAWN Design Studio, and not to mention the countdown begins for our exciting guest speaker event with Lori Weitzner on October 25th. This is a huge month for us and besides all the exciting changes and events we have new product arriving weekly just in time for the latest fall interior decor trends.

With all this change there are a few things that remain a constant for Fall. We are loving the mix of rich woods with a wider panel that work really nicely with the rustic/industrial look that is a trend that is here to stay. Wood flooring is a given when it comes to Fall for creating warmth within a space. A Jewel toned area rug over top of it is the next component to create that layered-look. It’s no secret that Jewel tones are a steady color scheme that instantly create a rich, elegant look. Come in the showroom and see all the new changes and products we have to help you embrace the Fall season!













The September Issue

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For many people in the fashion industry, September marks the beginning of the year, not January. In the Interior Design world this month also represents new color trends, textures, patterns found in fabrics, inspired by fashion. In our world, our designers may not have a runway and a weeklong fashion show in NYC to unveil their latest textile designs, but are beyond measure internationally seen and used on multifaceted levels. Carpet Source of Winter Park is proud to host the ultra talented, world renowned textile designer Lori Weitzner, October 25th for an exclusive speaking engagement aimed at the design community.

Most people see the end use of textiles in upholstery, drapery, rugs, bedding, and usually don’t think twice about who designed them. Learn about her process, her business and her innovations in perfecting her craft.

Call or Email us to RSVP to this event you do not want to miss! More details to come. 407.539.2982.

Stay stylish with Carpet Couture!

Learn more about Lori Weitzner at her blog here:



Labor Day, White is Chic all year round

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Labor Day moratorium on white clothing and accessories has long ranked among fashion etiquette’s most sacred rules. For interior design, white is the ultimate color of a luxury and a bright/clean look. Labor Day, is always celebrated on the first Monday of September, and marks the traditional end of summer.  The well-to-do vacationers would stow their summer duds and dust off their heavier, darker-colored fall clothing and head back North. Wearing white in the summer was simply a way to stay cool, also the standard for resort-wear leisure fashion.

As far as interior design goes, white on white is hotter than ever. We have a wide selection of lighter wood-flooring options and fine white carpeting to keep the white-hot look all year long. Check out these lux, white on white looks we love picked by one of our top suppliers KRAVET below.











Kids, Carpet & Keeping up with Style

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It’s back to school for our kids, and many of us will still have the remnants of summer’s activities left behind on our fine flooring. The silver lining is this can actually be an optimum time to consider new flooring options and take preventative measures to keeping your carpet or wood flooring looking like new for years to come. We offer a wide selection of durable, quality kid/pet/activity friendly carpet and flooring without compromising style.

For the client needing a high-end antique rug restoration we offer that service too. This intricate procedure will completely revitalize your cherished oriental rug. Stains, tears, whatever the damage is, schedule an appointment at our showroom and our team will assess the item and properly advise on the level of service needed.

From one parent to another…we promise we won’t show you interlocking multi-colored carpet squares.

Call us Today to schedule an appointment 407.539.2982









“Mind the Gap!” London flooring inspiration

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With the 2012 Olympics underway in London, we were inspired by the opening ceremony depicting London’s history, iconic landmarks and style. London has a recognizable color palette of jewel tones, brass & gold, royal purple and of course the colors of the British Flag. The “Union Jack” symbol has been used as popular accessory from throw pillows to artwork in current interior design trends and a great color base to set the tone for a London inspired dwell. For a more subtle London look we suggest to start with a solid flooring concept. A classic red stripped stairwell runner paired with cream walls and a wood banister is a classic look that can be played up to London style with the accessories & artwork. Our expert installation team can seamlessly install an elegant staircase runner to create a simple way to create a royal entrance. A classic stripped staircase runner creates warmth and elegance to easily connect the other rooms in the home. For a bolder look, try solid dark flooring throughout, paired with the use of intricate gold detailed rugs. We offer a variety of dark toned hard wood flooring even featuring a blue toned wood to enhance the red, white and blue theme of the British flag if your feeling extra bold. The dark wood is the perfect base for a room to enjoy an afternoon tea.

Come in our showroom to explore a variety of flooring and rugs to fit this iconic style and palette to create a London inspired jewel-toned look just in time for fall.

Cheers! and Go Team USA!


Ode to the “Rock star of Rugs”…The Mighty Oriental

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Oriental Rugs have long been considered the “royalty of rugs.” In ancient times they were merely crafted for royal families and men of great power and wealth. “The term Oriental rug is a generic term for all handmade rugs in the Orient, and that includes anything from Turkey to China. After that, you can subcategorize by regions, which will start defining constructions and values. Keep in mind a true Oriental rug is handmade, while Oriental-style rugs are mass produced” -Vincent Taccetta of CSOWP. True Oriental rugs have become more than a floor embellishment but an investment in a piece of art.

Carpet Source offers a range of both, from an elevated personal service provided to connect designers for the very high-end collectors to more affordable transitional and contemporary style options for the client looking to achieve this look on a more modest budget.

Over the past few decades we have seen these rugs used in more non-traditional setting in western culture in our entertainment layered up on stage with rock musicians and a microphone, to cult classic movies such as The Big Lebowski, and yes “they really do tie the room together”.

The use of the Oriental Rug in movies and pop culture could partially explain how the iconic symbol of class & wealth has found a new younger audience. Oriental-style rugs are incorporated within a wide range of interior decor styles that cross over and are especially appealing to a younger generation. The young executive’s masculine office, the loft -style minimalist, and the eclectic artist are all fans of the rug’s design. Whatever your personality is, the Oriental rug adds an element of warmth and class we can help you find in variety of colors, patterns and price levels to achieve this look.



CSOWP product images by Eric Cucciaioni

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