Summer Travel Inspiration: Coastal

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The white on white coastal trend is better than ever with a contemporary and warm modern edge. We are seeing this look in flooring from beyond the beach condo this summer to urban dwellers alike. This look comes naturally to us when paired with our active Florida lifestyles of beach days and water sports. Distressed wood flooring and textured neutral toned carpeting not only hide the wear and tear, but also improve over time with it! Layered geometric or textured rugs placed overlapping on lighter or grey toned hardwood floors set the tone for the rest of the space. White on white furniture and accessories paired with a geometric pattern in the flooring create a more modern twist on a coastal vibe. Organic patterns and abstract shapes in the rug or carpet make a room softer and provide an artful effect to play off of a sea element to avoid an overdone nautical theme. We have a wide selection of area rugs to mismatch textures for you to layer up with this summer!

For our well-traveled designer clients, this is a great place for an inspiration destination for this coastal trend: Harbour Island, Bahamas.The Rock House Hotel designed by the late, great designer J. Wallace Tutt is a must! More summer travel inspirations to come! Share your favorite design inspiration trips with us too.

Blogfest 2012 nyc

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We are very excited to attend this year’s BLOGFEST 2012 in NYC. The event is a 3 day tour designed exclusively for interior design bloggers featuring the industry’s top shelter magazines, A-list design celebrities and breathtaking venues. Blogfest 2012 will take place May 21st to May 23rd, 2012, which coincides with Kips Bay, ICFF and more design happenings in NYC! BLOGFEST is hosted by our top supplier KRAVET.

The impact that blogging has brought to the design community has elevated our ability to share news and ideas with colleagues, clients, and suppliers on a multi-media level. We enjoy following other like-minded creatives via our social media and how they have taken their blogs to be an extension of their brand. We have some projects in the works that we will be unveiling in the coming weeks that will further tell our story and show unique services only CSOWP can provide. We look forward to attending with an open-mind for the latest ideas and making lasting connections.
Click here to see a complete list of attendees.

Follow us on Twitter @CarpetSource to get the weave by weave play by during the events!

Seasonal Showroom Gallery

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If you haven’t been in our showroom recently, things may look a little more like spring. You cant help but notice the new bright pink color theme for our Seasonal Showroom Gallery.

This is an exciting new artistic project we’ve started to feature some of our favorite clients, artists and local creative professionals to collaborate on a seasonal inspired space in our front showroom. Seen by high-end design professionals and industry relevant patrons.

Featured Designer : Nancy Short Interiors, Inc, Paint by Watkins Paint, Inc. Wall Art by Official HG Art and Framing Consultants, Mosaic Sculpture by artist Hermann Moscoco represented by Fine Arts Management, Area Rug is Tamarian Welwyn- hand knotted wool & silk, Nepal Origin.

We are accepting Showroom Gallery participants for FALL/WINTER Showroom Gallery so please contact Louis for more details.

*Please contact him before October 10th 2012.

Carpet & Charity

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We are fortunate to have a thriving business, and live comfortably in a home with beautiful carpet. We know first hand the importance of how our interior surroundings can effect ones state-of-mind and the . It is important to us to do our part give back to families struggling with homelessness and poverty. It only makes sense to contribute to a cause that really hits home with us, pun intended. We had the pleasure of meeting Dwell with Dignity founder Lisa Robinson at the L.A Bloggers Conference. Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit group of interior designers and volunteers dedicated to creating soothing, inspiring homes for families. Exposing children (especially) to a nurturing home environment. This creates confidence and a standard of living children and parents can be proud of. For more information and how you can get involved, visit their website:

Find them on Facebook:





Pantone’s Color of the year and Carpet

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“Sophisticated, Dramatic and Seductive” are the words Pantone uses to describe Tangerine Tango, the 2012 Color of the Year.  A cool reddish orange hue, Tangerine Tango will be used across the consumer marketplace to inspire, recharge and move us forward. To incorporate this hot color into your home, look first at areas that need a burst of energy. This look can easily be achieved with the flooring. A large area rug or carpeting with this hue as a trim or part of the pattern can give existing neutral walls and furniture a whole new life. This color works amazingly well with the gray palette as a base. This is a great color for summer and you are going to be seeing it in fabrics across the board. Go bold for a grand entrance, this color isn’t for the shy types.

Sculpture in Fiber

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Textured, engraved carpeting adds a softness and dimension to any space. To seek out a carpet that has exaggerated 3-D layer is the defining factor to that raw, organic/contemporary look that is so popular with new home buyers. It compliments natural woods and adds an artistic touch when paired with more minimalist style furnishings. Not to mention, a perfect piece of art if wall space is limited, or windows, use the flooring to draw the eye in as the way to make a bold artistic statement. We offer a plethora of textures, colors, and patterns to help you achieve this style.

Shades of Gray

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Many people are already familiar with the chic style and functionality of the color Gray as the go-to neutral to create an elegant interior. Gray-beige or “Greige,” walls provide the slightest hint of color paired with a crisp white crown molding provides a classic look. Why stop there, when gray can also be implemented in flooring design in woods (specifically a Gray Oak), carpets and area rugs to provide the full effect of this sophisticated look. Our personal favorite flooring looks include:

Depending on the shade, a darker solid will give a more masculine air and provide visual interest for furniture and lighting for example. We say go bold and go dark for drama!

Gray and yellow are an unexpected color combination the works beautifully and is a big hit for Spring. Try gray flooring with a pop of yellow in an accent chair or wall color. Lastly, tone-on-tone texture can be elevated with Embroidered carpets and even a “chevron” wood flooring keeping within this color tone.

Hot Flooring Trend: Bamboo

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Do you want style beneath your feet? One of the hottest trends in kitchen flooring right now is bamboo. And it’s not hard to figure out why. From its versatile colors and style to its sustainability and practicality, more and more homeowners are choosing bamboo floors for their home.
Here are 3 reasons to consider bamboo flooring:

  1. Eco-Friendly and Healthy. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable flooring materials available. Unlike traditional hardwoods that take 20-120 years to mature, bamboo is ready in 3-5 years, and harvesting doesn’t affect the root system, meaning the plant can simply keep growing over and over again. Bamboo floors are also known for their low levels of chemical emissions, or VOCs, and for resisting allergens. When it comes to cleaning, all the homeowner needs to do is use a damp cloth – no cleaning chemicals are necessary!
  2. Practical. A lot of people worry about the practicality of bamboo flooring, but the reality is it actually stronger than steel yet flexible enough to use in building. In regard to price, bamboo floors tend to be less per square foot when compared to common hardwood flooring like oak, walnut or pine. Naturally moisture repellant and fire resistant, its no wonder bamboo has become a common kitchen flooring trend.
  3. Color and Style. Although bamboo comes in two colors (natural tan and carbonized brown), it’s easy to adjust the color to fit with any color.

See additional reasons to invest in bamboo flooring, or just ask one of our experts next time you stop by our showroom!

* Photo courtesy of EcoTimber

Proud to announce our New Line with a Dash of Wimsy by Emma Gardner…

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Emma Gardner at her store Emma At Home in Petaluma with some of the pillows she has designed.

Come by the CSOWP Showroom today and view her beautiful collection!

There’s something about Emma Gardner’s designs that provoke a smile. They’re contemporary, but at the same time slightly retro. The fearless colors, the geometric florals, the Asian-inspired prints. The pillows imprinted with mischievous themes — a bento box of sushi, a series of Russian nesting dolls.

The Manhattan by way of Brooklyn by way of Connecticut designer, newly transplanted to Petaluma, is not afraid that having fun with design will somehow compromise the sophistication of her line. From a splashy new showroom in Petaluma’s new theater district, Gardner brings a fresh perspective to Wine Country.

She made her mark first as a designer and wholesaler of vibrant, hand-knotted rugs made to order of Tibetan wool and Chinese silk in Nepal. But within the past year she and her business-partner husband, Patrick McDarrah, have added a retail line — Emma at Home — available online, through retailers across the country and in the showroom.

It’s given a whole set of new surfaces and textures for Gardner’s distinctive and modern creations. The light, airy and uncluttered showroom makes a perfect setting to punctuate her lively embroidered-on-linen pillows, pure baby-alpaca-wool throws from Peru and giclee prints (ink-jet prints) of her own paintings stretched on canvas. The couple also feature a collection of tables as well as custom-upholstered sofas, sectionals, ottomans and chairs, made in L.A. in neutral tones that best play up the splashy accents.

“I just gravitate toward color. And I just love making color combinations. I’m very passionate about that,” said Gardner, a former dancer.

She was born in Kyoto, Japan to an English father and a Russian mother. And while she left as a toddler and spent her formative years in Manhattan, that early Asian imprint inspires her look, from flowers to koi fish. But she also draws from urban fashion, pop art and organic forms in nature.

“I just make what’s beautiful,” she explains. “It’s less that I consciously think, ‘Oh I’m going to make something Asian-y right now’ or ‘I’m going to make something pop or retro.’ If anything, if I discern a trend like that I try not to go too far into it. I try to stay true to a moment of inspiration wherever it comes from, whether it’s nature or textiles or some art show I’ve seen.”

The design world has taken notice. Emma’s creations have been featured in Mademoiselle, Elle Decor, Dwell, House Beautiful, Glamour and InStyle magazines. She has been honored with Best of Year and Merit Awards from Interior Design Magazine and with Innovation Awards from Interior Designers of Canada.

Gardner actually came to design through the back door. She studied philosophy, literature and history in college and took a turn in dance. For a number of years she edited an online health and fitness website for Conde Nast, while experimenting with art on the side. Her tiny paper cutouts would later inform the distinctive, raised designs meticulously hand-cut into some of her rugs.

But it was when she became pregnant with her first child — a daughter, now 11 — that she had what she calls an epiphany.

“I had one of those moments where I realized, I’m not going to have much time and I want my work to be creative,” she said.
She settled on rugs as an artistic canvas because they were a practical and marketable item. The couple went through GoodWeave, which monitors illegal child labor in rug-making countries, to find a factory that would produce quality hand-knotting work in the centuries-old tradition, without labor exploitation. They use Tibetan or New Zealand wool or silk, hand-carded, hand-spun and pot-dyed. They have since added hand-tufted carpets from India to the line.
To continue reading about Emma please follow the link below:

Eco-Friendly flooring, it’s all about location- Made in The USA

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Here at Carpet Source, awareness of our environmental impact is something we’ve always looked out for. In many cases we have the opportunity to be green by buying a US produced product. Many times we ship raw materials overseas to hove products finished and shipped back. This burns a tremendous amount of fossil fuel and spews emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, US factories operate much cleaner than those in the Orient. Last but certainly not least,  we would be employing our neighbors and improving the economy for each other.

All because we made a division to buy “Made in the USA”.

Some tips when looking to buy Green Carpet:

  • Recycled content nylon, recycled P.E.T. polyester, and fibers made from renewable resources such as sugar from corn are the most common “green” fiber choices. Carpet can also have recycled content backing and padding.
  • Were long shipping processes required that add to energy consumption? Carpet manufacturers are required by law to list the country of origin on their products.
  • Some carpet padding is made from recycled content or natural, renewable materials. Choose low VOC padding that has the CRI Green Label.
  • Proper installation of carpet is crucial. When carpet needs to be replaced more often due to improper installation, its green status is diminished.
  • Choose cleaning products that are non-toxic, renewable, and biodegradablae.

There are many different options to consider incorporating the environment with interior design, now more than ever. We welcome the opportunity for you to come in the showroom and see our low impact options.

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