1. } Blue Prints

The process begins in the initial meeting with our client, reviewing the floor plans and understanding the architectural style and design vision for the project. Identifying distinguishing architectural elements used throughout the space — such as railing and wrought iron details, special fabrics and patterns, and furniture — provides us with information that will be forwarded to CSOWP artists.

2. } Black & White Rendering
Once our artist has received and reviewed the design influences and styles derived from the design meeting, Black & White line-art is generated, reflecting CSOWP's interpretation and suggested design and style options.
3. } Fabrics & Color Process
After presenting the client with pattern options reflected in the Black & White line-art, we then start introducing colors based on fabrics and furniture finishes. Pulling color poms to coordinate with the surrounding materials and finishes leads us to our next step.
4. } Color Rendering
Marrying the selected color poms with the Black & White line-art leads to a computer-generated color rendering that captures the designer's vision for the piece, allowing us to view together the pattern and colors.
5. } "Strike-Off"
Presenting a sample, or "strike-off," based on the approved color rendering allows the designer and client to see and feel the piece, providing a glimpse of the magnificence to come while confirming a beautiful, perfect match. Any final color re-selection can occur at this time.


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